Another wood refinishing tip


September 19, 2012 by twinoaksstudio


Thank you for all of the great comments on my refinishing tip posted last week.   In case you missed it, you can find it here:

One commenter asked about using mineral spirits for distressing.   I hadn’t heard of that technique before, and since I like to tinker, I decided to give it a try.

(Here is my little disclaimer:  Please read the label for the oil stains and mineral spirits prior to using them as they require special care and attention.  Thanks!)

I took a simple pine 2×4 (the ones that say PRIME on them) and sanded it smooth, rounded the corners and beat it up with a chain.


The stains I’m using for this are oil based gel stains.   They are not drippy and are fairly easy to wipe on and wipe off.   The ones here are from Zar (not a paid sponsor).  I’ve also been pleased with the stains from General Finishes.


The first stain I applied was the lighter shade – Salem Maple.  I like to wipe stains on using a regular (clean!) kitchen sponge.  I always have a huge pack on hand which is helpful.


Next step – use a simple rag and wipe off the excess stain.  (Husband’s old undershirts come in handy here!)


From here, I let the stain dry for a few hours.   Then I applied the darker stain, Moorish Teak.  I love this stain because it looks just like melted chocolate!


Again, take a rag and wipe off the excess.


Do not let this dry at this point.   Its time for the mineral spirits!

Apply mineral spirits on another clean rag and wipe down the areas of the stained piece you would like less stain on.  The mineral spirits will act like an eraser and remove some of the applied darker stain.  I’ll admit that I applied a lot of mineral spirits on my rag, and a lot of the stain came off.  But not all of it.   The grain of the wood and distressed areas are still heavily stained with the darker stain.   The overall effect is subtle, and I like it.

Here is the final result:


I hope you enjoy this post!

I plan to link up to Miss Mustardseed’s Friday link party.   See for all of the wonderful details.

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