Pillow kick


November 8, 2012 by twinoaksstudio

Hello everyone!
I am on a bit of a pillow kick right now.   Maybe more like an obsession.   When I walk through a thrift store I look at sweaters, tablecloths, drapes (anything really) with the thought in my mind “How would that look as a pillow?”   A little crazy, yes….

I am a big fan of Lands End catalogs.  I love their flannel sheets!    Anyway, they had this really cute pillow featuring the image of a pinecone and I really liked it.   I am trying the darndest to get the picture from the Lands End website and into my post but that is not happening for me.  (sorry!)  If you want to see the pillow – please click on this link.

Lands End Pine Cone Pillow link

Anyway, their pillow is cute and $50 for the pillow cover only.  A little pricey, I thought.   I recalled seeing a similar pinecone image on the Graphics Fairy’s website.   I printed out her image and used her Citra-Solv transfer method to transfer it onto fabric, and sewed up a cute little pillow of my own!

It turned out really cute!   And it cost me a lot less than $50.   Not too bad!    I think I’m on a roll!   Let’s see what else I can sew up…. 🙂

Enjoy your evening!

— Pauline

2 thoughts on “Pillow kick

  1. Barb King says:

    This is really cute!

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