Through the looking glass


January 23, 2013 by twinoaksstudio

Happy (Frigid!!) January to you all!

I’m trying to furnish a cabin in West Virginia with rustic made-by-me decor.  I wanted to make something mirror-like to hang over the dresser I refinished recently.   I decided to turn an old window into a mirror.

window before

First step in this process was to wash the mirror.  I used TSP then good old Windex to get the glass clean.    For the mirror finish, I sprayed on Krylon Looking Glass spray paint.   For some reason, I could only find this at Hobby Lobby.  No Micheal’s,  AC Moore, Lowes, Home Depot – none of them carried it.   What’s up with that?   Its a wonderful product! 

When spraying the Looking Glass Spray, make sure your window is dry, and its over 50 degrees outside.   The first time I tried this, my window had been sitting outside and was slightly damp, and it may been just 50 degrees.  The spray didn’t stick at first.   I needed to remove the spray application and wait a couple of days until the weather outside was more favorable.   Then I sprayed it according to directions, many light applications (I think 4 or 5) letting it dry completely between coats.  When I noticed all the spray had evaporated, I’d spray on another coat.   Between coats, I constantly shook the spray can.   I wasn’t taking any chances since I messed up the first time I tried it!

I stopped spray applications when I could not see through the window any longer.   Then I waited about 5 minutes and spritzed the window with vinegar. You don’t need a lot of vinegar – just some droplets here and there.  I wiped off the vinegar and off came some of the mirror finish too.

window sprayed

For the frame of the window, I tested out CeCe Caldwell’s paints Alaskan Tundra green with Memphis Blue on top.   Read about my review of CeCe Caldwell’s paints here.  I applied 2 coats of the green followed by one coat of the blue.  I used the “wet sand” technique, and then also sanded it a little with a sanding block for a more rustic look.   I topcoated it with CeCe’s clear wax, then dark wax/cream.

window done

I love the way it turned out!

Thanks for stopping by!

— Pauline

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7 thoughts on “Through the looking glass

  1. That looks really cute! good job!

  2. Love the color of the window. I have used the looking glass paint too. 🙂 It’s fun!

  3. How fun to see and hear about the process of using the looking glass paint. Your end result is sweet!

  4. I’ve been thinking about this exact process. Seeing this makes me think my idea just may work. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for stopping by and for the follow! The result is really neat – you should give it a try! Just difficult to do it outside right now – too cold for spray paint. The biggest challenge for me was finding the spray paint – I could only find it at Hobby Lobby. Have fun! — Pauline

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