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February 7, 2013 by twinoaksstudio


On Monday I signed up to be a vendor at Luckett’s Spring Market in Leesburg, VA.  I’m very excited about this opportunity.  I’ve never been a vendor anywhere and I guess you can say I’m starting off pretty big!  The vendors last year had a lot of amazing things!    I’ll likely make a handful of signs to sell, but this sign I made specifically for me. 🙂

I started off with an old oak kitchen cabinet door.

door sign before

I washed it and sanded it down a little bit.  My first coat of paint is Miss Mustardseed’s Milk Paint in Grainsack.   Mixing up the paint was a lot of fun.  My mixing was done by hand and I think I made it a little thick so it had a nice rustic texture, which I liked.   I first painted the recessed area between the frame and the raised panel, then I added the bonding agent and painted the rest of the door.

door grainsack

After that was dry I gave it a light sanding.  Next I mixed up Miss Mustardseed’s Lucketts Green.   Great color!   I only have a sample size of this and need to order a regular size of it.   I painted 2 coats total of the green.   I like how you can see the different pigments of color and how that adds dimension!   After the green was dry I sanded down the door and distressed it slightly.   I also drilled out holes in it for knobs to hang towels on.   (I have 3 teen daughters – they use a lot of towels!)  Now its ready to receive the images.

door drill marked

I used 3 images from the Graphics Fairy’s website for my sign.  Two were ads for Pears Soap, and one was an engraving of a pear.   The image links are here:  Pear ad 1, Pear ad 2, Pear engraving.

I printed out the ads and enlarged the sections I wanted to use for my sign.   Then I flipped the printout over and rubbed pencil on the backside.   I taped it onto the board and traced over the image leaving its pencil impression on the board.   Then I outlined and filled in everything in white craft (acrylic) paint.

door pear Collage

For the pear image, I wanted it slightly transparent so I mixed a little acrylic paint and painters glaze together and painted that on lightly.   It looked a little bare just outlined in white.

After it was all painted I shadowed the letters in black.  They aren’t really big letters and I didn’t want to do an entire outline on them.    Next I lightly distressed the board again with a sanding block.   I dusted it off and applied a coat of Annie Sloan’s clear wax then dark wax.

door painted

The knobs I picked up from Hobby Lobby.   I love their selection of knobs.   I tried to pick out the more rustic/battered looking ones.

door done

So there she is!    Pear Soap – The Purest and Most Durable Toilet Soap!    No sexy supermodels in this ad!  🙂

door done closeup

I’ll make another sign similar to this one for Lucketts, but without the knobs everywhere.   I’ll make other hand painted signs too using Miss Mustardseed’s Milk Paint.  I love how it chipped off in certain areas.  Its the perfect look for this sign.  I need to order more milk paint, and will definitely get Lucketts Green and Grain Sack.   I have Tricycle already.   If I had to make a sign using one other color, what should it be?   If you have an opinion let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!

— Pauline

If you live in the Boston area – my thoughts are with you!    I grew up in Connecticut and remember the blizzard of 1978.   My mom was a nurse working at one of the big hospitals in New Haven and the state was under a state of emergency – no one was allowed to use the roads, but since my mom was considered “emergency personnel” someone in a 4 wheel drive came to our house to take her to work.   I also remember doing a lot of sledding!   Take care and I hope you keep warm!!

I will be linking this up with the following link parties:

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My Repurposed Life

18 thoughts on “Making a sign

  1. Jamie says:

    Very sweet ! You did a great job! I’m your newest follower 😉
    Jamie ~ Better With Age

  2. says:

    Great tutorial! I love too that you repurposed that old cupboard door. Great job. I’m pinning this tute. Little Bit from

  3. Stephanie says:

    So cute and creative!! I love the green!

    • Thanks for the sweet note! I love the green too. Its not too dark or light, yellow or blue. Mixing it up was fun because you could see the yellow and blue pigments. Like a science AND art project in one! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend! — Pauline

  4. Linda Miller says:

    Thanks for the project. Great idea of what to do with old with old cabinet doors. I like all the mismatched knobs you used.
    Reuzeit Emporium Blog
    Reuzeit Emporium

    • Thanks for the comment! Hobby Lobby has a huge selection of knobs so it was tough to choose! I looked at your online emporium and you have many beautiful items. Take care and keep warm! — Pauline

  5. Love to see talent at work. Keep going, I’m watching you.

  6. pretty color, and love the hardware!

  7. That is adorable and I can’t believe it was your first sign! Great work. Thanks for sharing. -K

    • Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by! I signed up to do a big antiquey market this spring so I will be painting loads of stuff for it. I was outside Tuesday with the jigsaw cutting out some neat shapes that will be turned into signs. Today we have a dusting of snow so no outdoor work for me today! Take care! — Pauline

  8. Ann Drake says:

    Your sign is terrific. Good luck at the Lucketts Fair. It’s on my bucket list and some day I’m going to make it!

  9. Your sign looks great – well done!

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