Antique bulb catalog cover

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April 22, 2013 by twinoaksstudio

Hello everyone,

Spring has sprung here and I hope everyone else is seeing some pretty spring flowers!

I am trying to create as many things as I can for Lucketts Spring Market.   Here is my latest creation, inspired by pretty spring flowers!

bulb 1

Its a painting of a Bulb and Seed catalog cover from 1898, painted on reclaimed wood.   The catalog image I found on the internet, but the flowers on the cover were fairly detailed.  I tried to paint them but found it was not turning out to my liking so I sanded down the board a little and decided to start over.  I started over by first painting the wood plank a coat of Miss Mustardseed’s Grainsack.   The daffodil image I painted on the cover is from the Graphics Fairy’s website.   You can find the image here.  Its a paperwhite daffodil, which grow well in the Washington DC area.  I used a projector to beam the image on to the board.   I penciled in the daffodil, then wearing my reading glasses (very important!) I painted in the details using acrylic paints.   I did a lot of mixing of shades as I went along and started out painting the lightest shades in first, then the next shades slightly darker, and so on.  After I finished the flower and leaves, I painted in the background with a 50/50 mix of Miss Mustardseed’s Typewriter (black) and Lucketts Green.  I used a small brush when painting the dark background color around the flower and leaves (again those reading glasses came in handy!)

I lightly distressed the board by sanding it – I didn’t have to heart to really beat up that pretty flower too much!

bulb 2

I topcoated the piece with clear then dark furniture wax.   Now it is to my liking!

I will be taking this with me to the Lucketts Spring Market!

bulb 4

I hope you are enjoying your pretty spring flowers too!

Thank you for stopping by!

— Pauline

I will be linking this post up with the following parties.  Thanks for hosting!

Graphics Fairy Brag Monday

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