Lucketts: What an event!


May 21, 2013 by twinoaksstudio

Hi everyone,

Lucketts Spring Market was my first show as a vendor, and what a show it was!    When we arrived to set up Saturday a little before 9:00am, there were already about 20 people lined up waiting to get in.

Here are a couple of photos of my booth before the crowds arrive.   My daughters were a HUGE help!    There is no way I could have done this without them.

Lucketts setting up

Lucketts is great in that they encourage vendors to spread out into the grass outside of their tents.   It creates a nice open atmosphere.  Love it!

Lucketts setting up2

Lucketts Settee

lucketts bar corner

On Saturday we gave away cookies.   Yummy!!

lucketts buffet

This is my view after the gates opened up – PEOPLE!  The experienced ones were pulling wheeled carts.

Lucketts view

Lots of small children, babies in strollers, moms-to-be, a handful of men (brave souls!).   Saturday morning was very busy.  I received many compliments on just about everything I had.  A lot of people picked up a business card (the cards from Moo are so cute – I ordered their portfolio cards so the back of the cards had photos of my work.  Well worth it.)

One of the highlights of my Saturday morning was meeting Karen, The Graphics Fairy herself!   She came into my tent with her camera and took pictures of some of my pieces.     She is super nice and I think she has kids similar in age to mine but goodness you can’t tell – she looks like she’s 20!   (must be that fairy dust!)

lucketts me and graphics fairy

Eating lunch was a challenge as there was a constant flow of people into my tent.    Saturday mid-afternoon the rain came and we had to scramble to move everything under the tent for protection.  It rained for maybe an hour.   Very few brave shoppers came by while it was raining.  From that point onward it was awfully quiet.

Sunday morning it was my husband’s turn to help.  There were not many shoppers Sunday morning.  Those who came to my booth purchased small items, under $20, and I didn’t have many smalls left at that point.   It picked up a lot in the afternoon.  I had a good “3rd quarter rally” and sold a lot over the span of an hour.

I wanted to stop in and say Hi to Marian, aka Miss Mustardseed, but when I circled by her tent she had many visitors, which is not at all surprising. She is a real sweetie. I wanted to circle back again later in the day to see if she was free but things got so busy so quickly that I didn’t make it over.  I did get a pic of one of her cute signs though!

lucketts mustardseed sign

I do have one crazy story to share.  On Sunday afternoon things were starting to get busy again.   One of the draws to my tent was a Hartmann cushion top wardrobe trunk from the 1920s.   I didn’t have a picture of it from my booth but it looked a lot like this:

Very interesting piece.   It had all of the original components except for the key.   A lot of people came to see it, and one family was particularly interested and purchased it.  After we completed the transaction and the Lucketts team of furniture movers arrived, my husband and I put the trunk on its side and I latched the outside latches.   My husband then quickly closes the lock, locking the trunk.   And we don’t have a key!   Oh no!   I panicked a little and we quickly tried whatever we could do to open up the trunk again, but the lock was not budging.  We were very fortunate that the family was very, very gracious and said they would figure out a way to get it open when they got home.  They were not at all worried but we certainly were!   What I learned:  brief all event helpers on what has keys and what doesn’t!

The Lucketts Spring Market was a huge learning experience for me.   I learned a lot about where my price points should be set at, crowd flows, and that Sunday can get fairly busy with bargain shoppers so be prepared to let people know what my “best price” was.  (something I was not at all prepared for!)   I was really happy to sell my wares to people who were very fond of them (like the “Honey for Sale” sign to a bee-keeper, and the “Boucherie” sign to someone whose last name is “Boucher”)   Also my cow sign, “Mona” went home to someone who really adored her.   In the end, I brought in more money from my signs than from my furniture, something that really surprised me, but also pleased me.   I think I’ll be bringing more sign work next year.

I do have a few pieces of furniture left from the sale, looking for a good home.   If you are interested in them please contact me!

Thanks for stopping by!

— Pauline

PS – I’ll be linking this post up with Donna at Funky Junk Interiors .  Thanks for hosting Donna!

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  1. Marilyn Neal says:

    Is your honey for sale sign still available

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