Lucketts Spring Market 2014 Booth Photos


May 19, 2014 by twinoaksstudio

Hi everyone

I hope you enjoyed a beautiful weekend!   The weather for Lucketts Spring Market was PERFECT!!   Slightly cool, lots of sun.   I wore a sweatshirt during the entire market.   It was such a treat!

The weather leading up to the market was not as pleasant, unfortunately.   The Leesburg, VA area received 4″ of rain on Thursday night.   I set up my tent during the day on Thursday.   I put 55 gallon plastic garbage bags over everything and a plastic tarp on the ground.   Everything on the perimeter of the tarp was put on wood blocks and all the furniture was crowded into the middle of the tent on top of the tarp  (I have been a Girl Scout volunteer for 10 years – learned many things during my tenure!  🙂 )

Friday morning after the rain cleared I drove back to Lucketts expecting to see my tent standing in a large puddle, but phew!   I was spared.   All my pieces were dry and my tent was in great shape.  I unpacked and did a little setting up on Friday and did the remainder on Saturday morning.

Here are pictures of my booth to give you a little visual tour.

Lucketts 1 2014

lucketts 2 2014


Lucketts 4 2014

Lucketts 5 2014

Lucketts 7 2014

Lucketts 6 2014

Lucketts 9 2014

I’ll post more pictures from around the Market later this week.

Thanks for stopping by!

— Pauline

2 thoughts on “Lucketts Spring Market 2014 Booth Photos

  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi Pauline – so great to see you again this year! It was fun, right?! Glad to have a few days to rest from it all. I actually really like our spaces because they are in the shade and far away from the band. Not that they are a bad band but having to be near them for two days in a row may have driven me nuts. Take care!

    • Hi Suzanne! Thanks for the note! It was nice to see you again too! You had the entire gang in tow which is so cute 🙂 I loved the amazing weather we had. I will gladly put up with a little mud for a weekend like that 🙂 The band sounded a lot like O.A.R., I thought. Did you know one of the band members is from Rockville and went to Wootton HS? I hope you enjoy the rest of your spring! Take care! — Pauline

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