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June 9, 2014 by twinoaksstudio

Hi everyone

We had a very long, cold, snowy winter here in Maryland.  I paint my larger pieces outside so for a while I was limited to what projects I could work on.  My painted mirrors and frames are very popular purchases at Lucketts’ Markets, so I made the best of the situation and painted several over the winter.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paints are amazing to use on frames.   Annie Sloan paints do not require priming, so you can lightly brush paint onto the raised details of your piece.

I purchased this frame at an auction.   The painting it was containing had a huge rip in the canvas.   frame before

Its hard to see in the photo but some of the gesso relief was wearing off, leaving sections of bright white amid the gold.  I had just purchased one of Annie Sloan’s brighter colors, Florence, and wanted to play around with it.  I  mixed a little Aubusson Blue into it and lightly layered it onto the frame.  I didn’t apply the paint to cover all of the recessed areas of the piece, only the more raised areas.   I gradually lightened up the paint color my mixing in Old White.   Each section I painted over was smaller, until I was using a paint technique called “dry brushing” of almost all Old White onto just the highlights.

frame during

You can see in the above photo how I left some of the original gilding untouched.   This will add the look of depth in the final piece.

The next step was to apply the wax top coats.  Clear wax first, then dark wax.

frame waxes

The top corner of the frame had dark wax applied to it, the lower section has only clear wax.  It’s starting to look better already!

The final step to this process is to add some specialty Gilding Wax to the edges of the relief.   Sorry but I didn’t take pictures of that process.   The Gilding Wax gets lightly applied using a fingertip, and if I was taking photos during that time my camera would be covered in gold 🙂

Here is the final result:

frame after

I love putting gilding wax on the little flower details 🙂

frame side

Yes, this is all paint!   Done in my dining room (shh – don’t tell my husband!)   I was half watching and half listening to the Winter Olympic’s figure skating competition while doing this.  Maybe all of their bright, glittery costumes inspired me?

frame corner close

Here is the frame as it is being sold at Lucketts.   This is the BFF of the gal who purchased it.  They were “trying it on” to see how each other liked it.   They were shopping with their husbands in tow.  I doubt the guys were having as much fun as their ladies 🙂

lucketts frame

Speaking of Annie Sloan paints, I’m thrilled I don’t have to drive to Virginia to purchase paint any more!   Catfish Studios just opened up a new store very close to where I live.   If you’re shopping at the Home Depot or Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Gaithersburg, stop in to see Celeste.  Her store is amazing!

Thanks for stopping by!

— Pauline


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