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May 9, 2015 by twinoaksstudio

Hi everyone,

Over the winter, I acquired a very large number of silver plated flatware, as well as some sterling pieces.    I wanted to highlight some of my “stash” below.   All of it will be for sale at Lucketts Spring Market next weekend.

The more artistic photos were taken by my youngest daughter.   She is taking a photography class right now, and she has a great eye for composition, lighting, etc….

These pieces are part of my sterling silver collection:

sterling 1

sterling 2sterling 3

I have a weakness for bon bon spoons.   They are so tiny and irrelevant, but so beautiful!!

sterling 4

sterling 5

Below is part of my silver plated flatware collection.    I just weighed what I have, and it is almost 75 pounds, which comes out to over 700 pieces of flatware.    I have something for everyone, including serving pieces, baby spoons, a complete 100 piece service for 12, mix and/or match place settings, butter knives and ice tea spoons, as well as lower grade pieces for crafters.  I LOVE older, ornate handled pieces, so I have a lot of those too.

silverplate 1

A very small sample of the fancy handles!

silver plate5

My daughter’s creative angles 🙂

silver plate2

silver plate6

I have a lot more than what is shown above!

Hope to see you next weekend at Lucketts Spring Market!

— Pauline

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